Foyer Chandeliers

Simply add the dimensions together. For Example, if foyer is 12’ X 16’, add the 12 plus 16 – to get 28. The Proper size chandelier would then be 28” in diameter. This works for any room. Make sure the bottom of the fixture does not hang more than 7 feet from the floor. If windows are present, center the fixture in the window so that it can be seen from the outside or choose a height that will give you the best look.

Another concept is to divide the width of the foyer by 3. For example, if the foyer is 12 feet wide, a 36” chandelier would center nicely with 36” on both sides.

Dining & Breakfast Room Chandeliers

Choose a chandelier with a diameter half the width of the table as the minimum and you could go up to a maximum of leaving at least 6” of space on both sides so that you do not bang your head on the chandelier and damage it!

It should be hung with the bottom of the fixture 30” above the tabletop for an 8-foot ceiling. Go up 3” for each additional foot of ceiling height.
This rule mostly applies to open style chandeliers. Other types like pendants and lanterns could be done to you liking.

How much light do I need?

In order to determine how much light wattage you need to illuminate an area. Simply multiply the square footage of the area by 1.5 to give the correct amount of light.

Example: A 12’x 16’ room size of (12’x16’ = 192x1.5) = 288 watts will be required for proper illumination.

Bathroom Lighting

Avoid shadows on your face with fixtures that use bulb diffusers like glass shades to radiate a softer light.
A light above the mirror, sconces on either side of the mirror and ceiling fixture all play a big part in balancing the light throughout your bathroom. Most bathroom light fixtures can be mounted in the up or down position allowing you to direct the light to where it will give you the best illumination.


Sconces should be mounted 5 feet from the floor or higher and about 8 to 10 feet apart to properly illuminate an area such as a hallway or a room wall.

Flush Mount and Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Fixtures

A Flush Mount light fixture usually hugs tight to the ceiling and shines the light mostly downward leaving a dark ceiling.
Most Semi-Flush Mount light fixtures will be longer in height with a suspended bulb arrangement the will shine the light down and also reflect against the ceiling giving you the use of both sides of the bulbs and a lot more room illumination.

Installation of Light Fixtures and Fans

It is extremely important that all lighting fixtures/fans should only be installed by a qualified licensed electrician with good knowledge of these products. Many aspects are involved for all light fixtures and fans from the electrical wiring, weight and proper support and the correct amount of bulb wattage used.

We will gladly help you to make a proper decision if you can bring in the measurements and pictures of the areas that you are trying to get lighting for.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches can offer many advantages over regular switches. It will allow you to control the lighting effects for many occasions with full brightness to a quieter more intimate setting.
It is important to purchase the right wattage of dimmer for the amount of wattage used.